Motion Control Services for Film, TV & Art

It is difficult to summarise everything MoCo FX can do as there is no limit on innovation and creativity and that is what we do best.

We love solving problems and challenges to make the most difficult creative visions reality. Our reputation and track record is testament to our abilities, unrivalled experience, high standards and ability to deliver superb integrated motion control solutions. MoCo FX are leaders in Motion Control for film & TV services for several reasons:

  • All our hire equipment can be modified to achieve the needs of the project
  • Working with Previz and in-house generated TechViz allows all production departments to understand how rigs and other special/visual effects systems will move and integrate together in pre-production.
  • MoCo FX’s equipment and control systems technology integrates with real-time game engines such as Unreal & Unity

Control System Development

MoCo FX have developed and deployed many bespoke control systems to achieve precise, repeatable motion control that is fully integrated with visual and special effects on many features. We use our bespoke software and together with our experience and unrivalled knowledge, MoCo FX can deliver any brief.

Our control systems are unbeaten in their capability to fully integrate on-set with Visual Effects, Special Effects and real-time engines. We always welcome a challenge.

Virtual Production Integration & Active Volume

Putting Virtual Production in Motion

MoCo FX Integration tool-sets and workflows for Virtual Production deliver technical advantages that bring exceptional quality and efficiency to shooting. Our ability to integrate volume interaction and content with all on-set subsystems and physical motion control, including practical elements and marker-less hard tracking is unrivalled.

Our bespoke software and the MoCo FX team experience can deliver integration of any and all on-set elements and integrate with VFX pipelines.

MoCo FX Active Volume offers huge production efficiency and advantages. Fully integrated with motion platforms we can dramatically reduce volume sizes and complexity whilst adding new opportunities for the creative in camera effects, This benefits production by providing savings in time and stage costs whilst not compromising on quality and places our Active Volume services in high demand

Virtual Reality for Entertainment

Our award-winning Virtual Reality capabilities speak for themselves

MoCo FX  are excited and proud to deliver Virtual Reality that goes further. Leading the way in VR, we push the boundaries to deliver fully immersive, multi-sensory user experience.

Our knowledge and capability to fully integrate motion, visualisation and audio with a multitude of other sensory values (we can bring on the wind or make it rain) to exceptionally high quality delivers an unrivalled and exciting VR experience.

We would love to bring more VR visions to life, please do contact us to find out more.

Kinetic Art Installations

MoCo FX deliver many esoteric projects in the Arts and Retail Entertainment sector. Using advanced motion control in art installations or in product placement, advertising or retail entertainment is an exciting and growing area of our business. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss an idea or creative vision and how we can help bring it to life.